Rose Petals

Rose Petals.

Rose Petals

Rose Petals

The perfect complement to your Wedding Decorations. Rose Petals are perfect for all your Wedding Events. Blossom Plus gives you a wide variety of Rose Petals to choose from. Perfect to use in the Wedding Aisle, for Flower Girls and to toss. You can choose from red, white, pink, yellow, orange and assorted. 

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Each Petal covers 1.5 square inch.


Fresh Rose Petals are packed in handmade boxes for protection during shipping. 

It is normal to have guard petals in the box of petals, simply take them out. (guard petals are the ones that have brown spots and brown edges)


Vase life: 2-3 depending on care and handling 


Stems: just rose petals, no stems included

Additional information


If in case of a substitution, Blossom-plus.com will choose a flower that is similar to the one ordered. We will attempt to contact you, but in the case we cannot reach you, we will send a flower that is similar.


Once the rose petals arrive, please take them out of the containers, put them down on a paper towel very gently, put them in a plastic container that is clean. Cover the plastic container with clear wrap and with a pen, open holes on the wrap making it possible for them to breathe. Store the rose petals in a dark place and repeat the padding down every other day. Rose petals need to be completely dry that way they can survive. Please note these petals are not freeze dry and they only have a base life of 2 to 3 days maximum.


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Rose Petals

Rose Petals