Care & Handling

Care & Handling

Working with top farms that produce top quality flowers, we at Blossom Plus have learned the detailed process to a healthy life cycle of all flowers. Our partnered farms are in ideal climate conditions with perfectly made green houses and professional individuals who grow and treat the flowers to the exact point; ready for you to have and enjoy, anywhere around the world. Here are steps to follow upon receiving, to ensure the continued well cared process of the flowers.


  • Be sure to have someone present on the delivery date. Your flowers have been through a great journey to get to you and are going to need the proper care as soon as possible. If you are unable to do the following procedures immediately, leave your flowers in the box in room temperature climate and prevent direct sunlight.


  • Once delivered and received, open the box and take out the flowers, but be sure to leave them strapped together so they stay in the bunch they came in.


  • Under running water cut stems diagonally approximately one inch from the bottom. Fill container with cool to room temperature water. Add and mix the floral food to give the proper nutrients and relieve them from the trip. Place flowers in container for about four to eight hours to rehydrate.


  • Take out from container and replace water.  Remove any loose foliage and guard petals. Repeat this step every 24 hours to ensure long and a healthy life span. Cut the stem every 48 hours.


Mimicking the ideal climate the flowers need, you are ensuring to have a long and healthy flower. Having both water and environment at cool to room temperature conditions. Sunlight will be the one to open the flowers and shade will close them. Make sure to never be in direct sunlight for too long as this will shorten the life of the flower. If for an event or special occasion, plan accordingly to have the flower at its best state during the event. It will take two to three days to perfectly open up and with a vase life of approximately six to twelve days.