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Also called flower of love or African lily this flower belongs to the lily family and has its origin in south Africa, from where it was brought to Europe in the 17th century, hence its scientific name Agapanthus Africano. These exotic flowers are ready to be enjoyed in late spring and throughout the summer allowing to decorate beautiful gardens and gatherings.  Enjoy free shipping in all fresh cut Agapanthus.

Please note there is an extra charge of $15.00 per box for Saturday delivery.


Color: Blue/Purple.

Stems: 24″ – 26″ long.

Diameter when bloomed:  2.9″ – 4.5″.

Time to bloom: 22 to 48 Hours.

Vase Life: 7 to 10 days, depending on care and handling.

Additional information


If in case of a substitution, will choose a flower that is similar to the one ordered, and we will attempt to contact you, but in the case we cannot reach you, we will send a flower that is similar.


Please note that all flowers will arrive looking tired, and this is normal due to the trip of your order. Please cut the stems and put them in water and allow the flowers to hydrate for them to perk up. (please be sure to see the "Care and Handling" page).


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